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Who Invented Happiness

2015-02-12 by Sonja Jacobson | Filed under Be Happy.

It’s fun to think about questions that can never have an ultimate answer. Such as title above, “Who invented happiness”. When you really think about it, of course it is nonsense in the sense that there is no one real answer to that question. But it doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be enjoyable to think what the question may be. With happiness in general, this kind of approach is for us something very close to happiness itself.

It is when people try to attain an ultimate answer as “fact” to all of the many questions that come to us during a life time. It is that very approach that prevents us from attaining happiness. It sounds paradoxical at times, but this is the case often enough that we have almost forgotten who we are.

To remind all of you, we are ever changing beings. Everything that you believed a long time ago, must have changed in some form or another. In other words, we are subject to change as the iTunes terms of agreement. Jokingly of course. There is just nothing wrong with thinking of lifes question lightly, because you never know what you find. It could even be, happiness.

The reason being, that happiness is not something you can just grab and take hold of. It comes to you, when you let it come to you. And as for who invented all that, well.. the answer is you!

I am tempted to write more, but will just leave you with that final notion. Ha!=)

Greetings, Sonja J.

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