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The Healing Power of Traditional Chinese Massage

2016-02-19 by Sonja Jacobson | Filed under Be Happy.

Chinese Licensed Masseur

When looking for options to increase well-being and promote happiness, different kinds of massage is often recommended as an easy, pleasurable option. Especially those who are dealing with issues of stress or any kind of fatigue, just laying down horizontally with oil scrubbed to your back for an hour sounds like the thing to do. However, choosing the right kind of massage can have much profound and long lasting effects in your entire mental, and physical energy levels.

When looking for an effective type of massage, an obvious place to look is China. With more than 2,000 year old history within the school of traditional Chinese medicine, massage plays an important part in promoting health and curing illnesses. While often dismissed as non-scientific in for the ignorant western mind, the techniques known as “Tui Na” in China are ancient old and taken very seriously when considering once health. There are many so called “Chinese massage” establishments throughout the west but only a small part is specialized in holistic healing methods that are very common in China itself.

That’s why one of the best experiences for anyone visiting China is to find a quality place to have a massage. And come back home not only satisfied in abundant culture and travel experiences, but with a healthier, happier state of being.

Of course professional massage parlors and spas can be found all over the world with a bit of luck and good research. However, these quality places can be rather expensive unlike in China where all the streets are abundant with parlors. Instead of spending huge amount of money for treatment in your own country, with the same price it’s possible to buy a ticket to China. There you are much more likely to learn what real, authentic Chinese massage is.

One of our personal favorites is the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an. Not as popular with tourism as Beijing or Shanghai but even more vibrant with culture and tradition. Naturally having been the capital throughout many Chinese dynasties, it has played an important role in developing these massage techniques that are still actively used all over China.

This doesn’t mean however, that you can simply step into any of the massage parlors in Xi’an for example. Because as is already common in all over the world, not all shops are equal, especially with abundant prostitution in these kinds of places. This shouldn’t put off travelers as quality places are equally abundant. For anyone heading to Xi’an for travel, I would recommend the Xi’an Massage Guide which are helpful in showing the ropes. I simply sent them the address of my Hotel, and they thought me an excellent place nearby, with licensed masseur that were specialized in anything from whole body massage, cupping to foot massage.

All the different forms are focused on acupuncture points that unlock wellbeing within you. No oils are used which is common in western massage sessions, instead pressure and stretching is used to push as well as active these points. It might even feel quite weird after locks in your body have been opened, which is only a matter of adjusting to a new, better you.

Besides everything, Xi’an is a really magical place with an energy that promotes openness within oneself. Feeling free and absorbing the ancient streets together with the long lasting effects of the massage, makes traveling all the way to China worthwhile!

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  1. Eric says:

    It’s funny how many different things you think up and something as simple and brilliant as Chinese massage comes up to rock your world. Cheers for the idea that I will put to use without fail darling! If I can actually visit China or not, I don’t know but I’m sure there are many opportunities with so many migrants nowadays.

    E. Timmons

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