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Code of Happiness

2015-01-06 by Sonja Jacobson | No Comments | Filed in Be Happy

I truly believe that the code of happiness is printed inside all of us. That’s why it’s different for everyone. But finding that code that seems almost secret and hidden at times is difficult when you haven’t seen it for some time. That’s why sometimes it’s important to turn your attention away from yourself, and go out to do something that stimulates your outer senses.

By momentarily distancing yourself, from yourself and concentrating on the external it is later on much easier to go deep within oneself. If you are too long concentrated in your own problems, you no longer see them in an objective light. In fact, turning outward at times can have a completely natural effect of creating associations within oneself that trigger memories and emotions which help to find what one really wants to do in life in order to be happy.

I like to call it the “code of happiness”, that is unfortunately enough often hidden from us. But the true nature of it all, wants to become known and something to be friends with.

But if your style is to go outward constantly, then it is time to go inward and create balance from there. In such cases it might seem even more difficult because one needs to stop for a moment. If you haven’t stopped for a while, start with little things. Like drinking a cup of tea, or even coffee with feeling and awareness. Go through daily steps, just a little slower while trying to enjoy them more. Either way, there needs to be a certain kind of “natural balance” to find the code. It’s there, just trust on it and you will find it!

Be brave,
Sonja Jacobson

You Are Responsible

2014-12-08 by Sonja Jacobson | No Comments | Filed in Be Happy

Since a lot of the readers here are new, I thought I would go some of the fundamental basics of understanding the key to happiness. Well, actually there is one thing that is above the rest in importance to finding that secret, which ultimately is different for everyone. This is to take responsibility for your own happiness. Way too often, we see people in this world pointing the finger at others. Condemning others and accusing them of being responsibility for ones own state of mental being.

Actually we have come to a point in time in this world, where it does not even matter if someone else is responsible or not. Because life is a struggle and beautiful struggle if you want it to be. No matter how many difficulties you experience, all of them can make you stronger and appreciate the moment right now. Because happiness is not tomorrow, it is not yesterday. This would be simply cheating yourself to accept a certain unfavourable condition that you are subject to. Ask yourself, are you happy now? Not tomorrow! If the answer is that you are not happy, then you are the only one who can do about it. If you want to be happy tomorrow and not today, then you cannot do anything about it and must let others choose your destiny.

Decide for yourself and make decisions that you want, for yourself, by yourself. Start with yourself.

Let’s star to journey together,
Sonja Jacobson

We are Happy to Return

2014-11-18 by Sonja Jacobson | No Comments | Filed in Be Happy

I would like to warmly welcome all new and old readers of the How to Be Happy website. I am Sonja Jacobson, and together with the assistance of Dr. Aymee Coget we have taken over the project again. With new winds coming to the happiness scene every day, we also updated our appearance accordingly. You can expect more fantastic writings on becoming a happier, better person. With a positive pull towards unlimited possibilities in life.

I will leave you with a fantastic quote:

“Happiness is not just a feeling in itself, but a state of being in control of your own emotions and most importantly, your own destiny.”

Yours sincerely,
Sonja Jacobson