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More Excitement in Xi’an at Happy Tang Dynasty Palace

2016-04-03 by Sonja Jacobson | Filed under Be Happy.

Previously, we had a look at the healing power of Chinese massage, and now we will go deeper to the mystical land of Xi’an and it’s happy offerings. Enjoy!

Show at Tang Dynasty PalaceThe more one visits China, the more it becomes apparent that the beautiful Asian country is an inexhaustible source of the impressive history, tremendous cultural places and abundant as well as somewhat still unexplored tradition. It seems that a trip to China should last quite a long time, if the traveler yearns to research not only the capital, Beijing but other cities as well. Among the cities that offer fantastic historical stories and even more interesting places that are indeed worth seeing, is the ancient city of Xi’an.

Xi’an – Inevitable Touristic Place For Any China Lover

There are no many cities in the world with proofs that humans used to live on their territory some 500,000 years ago, and Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in China, can do just that. Some 50 years ago archeologists found traces of the so-called Lantian man who used to roam through these areas that have never stopped to be the important center of civilization to modern times. But the most remarkable period of Xi’an’s long history started with the first Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who had decided to construct its new capital in this area. The Emperor was so in love with the region that he picked it for its final rest too, and he had done that with a style – by ordering the construction of a massive mausoleum that was guarded with 10,000 sculptures of soldiers. The Terracotta Army together with the mausoleum is truly one of the most remarkable engineering projects that human civilization has ever had a chance to see. Everything in Xi’an is enormous and monumental, and so is the Weiyang Palace that, in fact, used to be the biggest palace on the Planet, and it was almost seven times larger than the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, for instance. One can still see some of the remains of this great building that witness of past glory of the whole city. Xi’an has always been a place where different cultures quickly found a way to live together, so the first big community of Muslims in China was formed right here.

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show as Refreshment among Performances

Anyone visiting Xi’an and looking for some fun will inevitably be directed to the ‘Tang Dynasty Palace” that will undoubtedly remain etched in the memory of every guest and visitor. The outstanding venue has an incredible offer and an excellent combination of serving dinner to its visitors while, at the same time, a well-trained and above all fantastic team of performers leads the guests through an exceptional story, the so-called “Tang Dynasty Music & Dance Show“. In this way, the performance preserves a great memory of the golden period in the history of the Tang dynasty. The visitors will have the opportunity to witness a tale about one of the most prosperous and famous dynasties in China, the Tang Dynasty. During the glorious times of its reign, the Tang Dynasty brought many positive things, and its most distinct feature was that the Tang did not hesitate to import traditional, cultural and artistic techniques from northwest China as well as from the central and western Asia. That is why the ‘Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show’ combines playing various oriental instruments, dancing, singing and poetry reciting. What is more, the performance is completed with phenomenal costumes that depict stunning history, tradition and customs. The show contains many ethnic elements that beautifully fit into the music and dancing moves. However, creating the show that continues to enthrall thousands of either domestic or foreign visitors was not easy at all. Creators thus had to read various and numerous books, monographs and historical records. That is why anyone who visits Xi’an and the ‘Tang Dynasty Palace’ will enjoy in both the performance and meals offered in the magnificent venue.

‘Tang Dynasty Palace’ brings a whiff of the Chinese cuisine

Many prominent chefs say that Chinese cuisine is one of the “Three Grand Cuisines,” together with the French and Turkish, so trying some of their best dishes is a must situation. The Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show thus has its restaurant with various exquisite Chinese meals with exotic names such as ‘The Heart of the Dragon’, ‘Pearls of Cathay’ or the ‘Royal Marriage’. Some of these meals are comprised of dozens of different kinds of dumpling including chicken, pork, beef, prawn, abalone, pickle, walnut and many others. Xi’an is well known for its dumplings but also for its magnificent rice wines that will fit the best with these various meals.

Xi’an will, therefore, show the visitors a true China, tasty meals and amazing tradition and history. And the ‘Tang Music and Dance Show’ is indeed a must see event for every tourist visiting the ‘Tang Dynasty Palace.’ Happy & safe traveling!!

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