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Health & Happy Benefits of Practicing Kung Fu

2015-09-10 by Sonja Jacobson | Filed under Be Happy.

We at “How to be Happy”, are always looking for new ways as well as new horizons to explore our happiness. And it has become clear to us that the state of your physical body is one of the most obvious representations of your mental state. That’s why various forms of exercise and just knowing your physical condition in general has tremendous potential and benefit. Whenever we see such innovation where people have went far to cross boundaries of their bodies, we feel inspired and compelled to write about it on our blog. Previously we mentioned the Chaoyang Theatre, where acrobatic performs go to huge lengths in order to perform something that is beyond ones imagination. It is often for depressed people, that this beyond state is where the cure is located in. Now we are looking at the very essence of happiness through health itself, both of the body and mind.

But we do understand, that not everyone can become an acrobatic performer in order to overcome their undesired states of mind. That’s why, we wanted to bring you something more concrete and that is the art of practicing martial arts. The benefits of happiness are just the beginning of the journey that we have taken after first visiting the acrobatic show and then, the other most famous show in the whole of Beijing. That is known as “The Legend of Kung Fu Show”, held at the ingenious Red Theater in Beijing. That is why in this article we will concentrate on the benefits of Kung Fu, which refers to all the martial arts in the whole of China. Those people who are looking for inspiration, travel and excitement, we highly recommend the famous Kung Fu Theater in Beijing. Along with the Chaoyang Theatre acrobatics of course. China has become one of our favourite places to play and explore our boundaries, it’s just such a novel and refreshing place to be in.

So, without further ado!

Benefits of Practicing Kung Fu Health

Before getting on to the list of health and happiness benefits of practicing martial arts such as kung fu, lets just see what health really is?

What is health?

Health is defined as:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

So by definition, health focuses on overall well being, not just physical. It includes mental and social aspects too! As per this definition, anything focusing on physical well-being is just part of keeping you healthy, but not the one which can lead to overall health.

Health benefits of Martial Arts?

Keeping in view the definition of health, lets see some of the health benefits of Martial Arts.

Physical wellbeing

This one is the quite obvious one; the person practicing martial arts gets physically fit and active. The strength and energy provided by physical activity keeps a person in a good shape and physical health.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is an equally important part of being healthy. An active body provides help in having an active and healthy brain.

People who’re more physically active are more active during the daytime for work and study. Martial arts specially improves the skill and patterns identification in mind, that help in better learning and execution of overall daily routine.

Social Wellbeing

Being physically active makes a person emotionally stable, hence having good social terms.

Martial arts is specially helpful in social wellbeing as the individual is capable of protecting the people around him and thus enjoys better social relations as compared to the weaker ones.

The student of martial arts gets a community of other healthy individuals practicing along with him and the chain grows over time, making the society more and more socially stable and healthier in this aspect.

Martial arts Vs. Other Fitness exercises

Fitness exercises and gym routine is no doubt helpful in maintaining physical health and keeping the body and mind active too, but martial arts is different from them in various aspects, including:

  • Martial arts provides almost all benefits of traditional fitness exercises, as it includes most of them already
  • Self defense, being fit by any other means can never guarantee you the ability to be able to defend yourself and others around you in any conflict, be it armed or unarmed, however if you’re trained in martial arts, there’s a great chance that you can easily defend and protect yourself and loved ones in the time of conflict, without becoming a victim
  • Martial art provides and enhances body and mind coordination, providing rhythm to overall body movements and not just during fight. Martial arts practitioner can be identified just by the way he walks even.
  • Martial arts provides flexibility, not all other exercises help you attain flexibility
  • Martial arts is all about discipline, it’s not just being strong and learning a few techniques, but attaining a great level of discipline, not just in dojo and conflicts, but in every aspect of life.
  • Improves mental capabilities, including coordination, reflexes, focus, self-control, memory and self-confidence. Martial art doesn’t make you aggressive, instead it teaches you how to control your anger, frustration and aggressiveness.

Martial arts and especially Kung Fu provides overall positive attitude to the practitioners, making him not only capable of defending himself and others during the conflict, but also improve his life during normal days and routine situations by giving him confidence and self-control.

Hoped you felt as inspired as well felt when we were writing this article. And if you are looking for the final boost to get you started and exited about kung fu, and kung fu theater of course. Well, we suggest you to watch the fantastic Red Theater show trailer on YouTube. Have fun and play safe everyone!

Yours sincerely,
Happiness Expert, Sonja Jacobson

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