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Happy Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Makeover in Beijing

2015-01-24 by Sonja Jacobson | Filed under Be Happy.

All of us have numerous examples in life, of looking up to something and receiving happiness from them. It can be anything from an individual person to a greater force. It doesn’t matter what it is, but it is a fact that sometimes everyone needs an outer force that helps them to realise their own inner happiness and strength. Probably strength is the keyword here. One tremendously strong group of people that I personally look up to, is the acrobatics troupe at the Chaoyang Theatre venue in China. If you have never seen Chinese acrobatics, I can tell you that the western equivalent is nothing compared to the action in Beijing. The performance that they make, is like a powerful force that gives energy and light to all that see it. After having seen the show, my head was glowing with light for several days and I could not stop smiling. The acrobatics had given me secret power and that power is known as happiness.

Others will have similar examples. Even if you don’t remember any at the moment, there has to be moments like that in everyones life and it doesn’t have to be something as grand as the acrobatics at Chaoyang Theatre. But while those are great memories, they are outside forces and should be considered as such. For example, if you think that you can just go about your day while staying at the same height of energetic level that you had just received. Think again. It takes maintenance and courage to take that energy and transform it to something that you truly are. Obviously the Beijing acrobatics have that very skill and they are transmitting it to you.. but everyone has a different way to manifestation, so that it becomes your passion. Meaning that probably acrobatics is not your thing, it’s the thing of the Chinese. They excel in it because they have been passionately driving towards that goal and made it.

So the ultimate question is, what is it that you are willing to do to make yourself happy? What is the effort you are willing to make, because without it there is no long lasting happiness. It will be just another roller coaster ride, going up and down and seeking balance from that. Almost no one in this world thought up everything by themselves. They needed an example that could give them ideas, courage, strength and inspiration. And I am not the only one who thinks that theatre can have a strong influence!

When you have found that special someone or something, sometimes it’s good to continue to engage with it. It’s a kind of a constant feeding process where you look for answers in the process. Once you have found your answers, you don’t need them anymore. You can just say good bye, and thank them for everything. That’s the hard part and once you understand it you are ready! Most will keep on going.. holding on to that force, but there always comes a moment when you have to let go. For some it’s death, for some it’s the moment when they reach happiness. I personally prefer the latter option. It’s good to make a conscious decision about it!

Since I had received so much from the experience at the Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing, I decided to reach them at their official twitter account. The results were great and I could get in touch with their feelings see the similarities, the differences. But most of all I saw a happiness glowing in both entities. And after I realised that, I could let go and move on. And that doesn’t mean that I will ever forget the amazing acrobatic troupe, it just means that I will go to experience more theatre and see what I can learn from there for example.

Good lesson for all of us. Dr. Aymee Coget would be proud of me to hear of my achievements of the “acrobatic makeover”. =)

Sonja Jacobson

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  1. Lindsey White says:

    I would just absolutely loooove to see this show! Can theater make you happy? Absolutely it can! Thanks Sonja!!

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