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2015-09-19 by Sonja Jacobson | Filed under Be Happy.

Not so many people know about this, but the French are some of the most leading experts in happiness therapy and self couching. While there are many different advances in differents parts of the world, for me the french revolution has been one of the most rewarding ones. But it all started from chance, on one of our visit to France. You see, we are occationally invited to all kinds of countries but this time in Paris we had the least of expectations. It was a small venue and just because we were travelling nearby in Europe we decided to accept the invitation. While we have had much success in smaller events before, this just felt an ordinary change to just voice our research for a small group of people.

Turns out that we met some of the most leading experts in France, from psychologists to therapists all with very creative and new methods to approce problems of mental as well as holistic health. We felt inspired and from then on have been following the French scene very closely. In fact we have already four visit to the country until date, now that’s a fun coincidence if any!

Stunning Amazon France Library

But this book is not just about out experience. We wanted to let you know some of the very concrete pieces of literature that you can order from Amazon France which is a brilliant book store for shopping all kinds of fantastic products. Remember to check out the link because it will tell you how to shop in English. That is, if you don’t speak French. Either way, Amazon has very decent priced international shopping, so no need to miss on this opportunity if you want to not only get to know about French self help books. But also, this is always a great opportunity to get new stuff to your library collection while learning something about yourself, in a new way. So hold on as we show case some our very very favorites from the shelves of the French Amazon.

Book: Happiness, “A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill”
Author: Matthieu Ricard

This is one of the most ground braking books we have honestly seen in recent years. Also, we have had the incredible luck of personally meeting with the author who left France to becoming a monk in the Himalayas. A multi-talented man, who works with several very interesting and touching humanitarian projects in both Nepal and the Tibet. He is not only a bestseller, but also holds a degree in cellular genetics. He is also the son of Jean-Fran├žois Ricard, who is an extremely famous philosopher in France.

His book, “Happiness” is a living example of how the key to finding it is within all of us. Through his disciplined practice as a monk for more than 30 years, he is able to penetrate through a voice that belongs to everyone. This very belonging is what gives us humans the need to thrive and live a fullfilled life. What I especially love about this book, is that it has no need to tell us what to think but simply encourages us to find our own path of happiness. As an accomplished French scientist, it brings a unique view that is easy to approach by people from different walks of life. The inspiration that blooms within the text is simply astonishing. Highly recommended read for a very basic and fundamental course on finding your inner beauty and meaning in life.

Book: Reinventing Organizations: “A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage in Human Consciousness”
Author: Frederic Laloux

Written by the new and fresh french author, Mr. Laloux this book is one that touches those who want not only to find something within themselves, but to extend the framework to a work and organization environment. Now available on Amazon France, this fantasticly written and delightful text takes you to a journey of managing organizations. It starts with the notion, that convential methods are terribly out of date and once you start to understand the negative sides of familiar, and even isllusioned work ethics it is simply second nature to find better solutions. Understanding that not every solution fits the needs of everyone is one of the very founding blocks of this new way of thinking.

Frederic argues, that we are constantly seeking for a better working environment through more passionate and purposefull community kind of structures. The emotionless work place is the exact opposite of what human nature needs and every moment of our lives should nurture that need. What I most love about this book that is breaks the mold to show you that solutions and a better organization structure is right in front of our noses. Naturally, we need to get out of our shells and work together for a common, happy goal. Some even say that he has “cracked the code” of a new kind of work consciousness that will prevail in the future throughout the world. Very interesting read and a novel attempt to make a huge change in our modern world by this highly intelligent French man. Enjoy!

As you could see, all these books are in English. So even if the Amazon website is not, things are changing and literature is not only being translated but even original French authors are starting to write to an English speaking audience. That is simply fantastic isn’t it!!

This book french collection was recommended by “How to be Happy” experts, Sonja Jacobson & Dr Aymee Coget. A huge thanks for tuning in and see you on the next happy post coming soonish!

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