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Code of Happiness

2015-01-06 by Sonja Jacobson | Filed under Be Happy.

I truly believe that the code of happiness is printed inside all of us. That’s why it’s different for everyone. But finding that code that seems almost secret and hidden at times is difficult when you haven’t seen it for some time. That’s why sometimes it’s important to turn your attention away from yourself, and go out to do something that stimulates your outer senses.

By momentarily distancing yourself, from yourself and concentrating on the external it is later on much easier to go deep within oneself. If you are too long concentrated in your own problems, you no longer see them in an objective light. In fact, turning outward at times can have a completely natural effect of creating associations within oneself that trigger memories and emotions which help to find what one really wants to do in life in order to be happy.

I like to call it the “code of happiness”, that is unfortunately¬†enough often hidden from us. But the true nature of it all, wants to become known and something to be friends with.

But if your style is to go outward constantly, then it is time to go inward and create balance from there. In such cases it might seem even more difficult because one needs to stop for a moment. If you haven’t stopped for a while, start with little things. Like drinking a cup of tea, or even coffee with feeling and awareness. Go through daily steps, just a little slower while trying to enjoy them more. Either way, there needs to be a certain kind of “natural balance” to find the code. It’s there, just trust on it and you will find it!

Be brave,
Sonja Jacobson

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