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Can Money Through Affiliates Bring Happiness

2015-01-09 by Sonja Jacobson | Filed under Be Happy.

We want to make clear, that we are not just a bunch of unrealistic “happy thinkers”. We understand that there are a lot of so called “hard realities” in our world, that need to be accepted to find a balance in life. Money is one that we feel is becoming rather controversial as well as debated. We at “How to be Happy”, think that money is essential for becoming happy. In fact it seems one of the most powerful ways to achieve some kind of satisfaction within oneself. And it’s not the money itself, but the situation that it creates that makes you think out of the box and search for it outside of yourself.

We have often encouraged others to start affiliate marketing. It’s really a great way to balance your income, with your passion. These two when work together can create amazing results. While it’s not a business that is often seen in good light, it’s actually far more ethical than many other businesses. One has the opportunity to write about something they are passionate about, and even without any commercial intent you can later consider placing different kinds of affiliate links when appropriate.

Especially if you have a happy image to spread in your blog, one can have a huge impact on the world and receive readers from all over the world. In fact, that’s why it’s very important for example, to localize Amazon affiliate links so that each visitor from each country is going to be redirected to the right Amazon store. In fact, a lot of people start with Amazon as their first affiliate, being one of the first ones that ever existed it still remains one of the most powerful ways to associate your writings with all kind of different useful products.

A good example would be, that you are writing a blog post about how you have overcome depression. Some of the most effective posts are ones that are personal experiences. That increases authenticity naturally as well as the curiosity and trust between the reader and you. Then, if you know a really good book that has helped you in your path you just need to link to it using the Amazon associates program. For every purchase, you will receive anything starting from 4% commission which is not bad at all for being an automatic source of income.

The key I believe, is just to use it for good things and to promote wellbeing. Of course, like every good thing in this world it can be used in a bad way too. So being honest is important here and best of all that very honesty is what will bring you the profits.

The combination of a steady income through affiliate blogging, with Amazon or any other affiliate program, as well as expressing yourself one is ready to start a journey. That journey is the one that is important for us all, it is the path to happiness which if can or cannot be achieved is not relevant. What is relevant in our professional opinion, is that you are on that road. You are not alone luckily, we are together walking that very same road.

Peace & Good luck with affiliate blogging!

Sonja Jacobson

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